The word Saturn reminds us about the planet. It is a planet of modesty and service. It is loyal and dutiful. It is not egoistical, does not seek visibility. Instead, it makes one seek privacy, and to work in seclusion, performing one’s work calmly and in one’s own way. Saturn gives tenacity, perseverance and hard work. Saturn’s essential purpose is to temper the soul, it attacks our weak points to broaden and define the scope of our character, driving us to maturity.

True it’s powerful iconic character, We the ‘Saturn’ performs exactly – delivering diligently, with extreme contribution, without leaving chances to fail, sail against the odds, for longer term and above all take the extra mile to be futuristic. Saturn’s true offering to it’s clientele, is it’s ability to re-imagine and re-engineer the processes, in the light of extreme future challenges every business will possibly pass through.

Niche Products, Proven expertise, mindset to innovate


To be the first choice for businesses in optimizing and achieving operational excellence through IT enabled services.
As a company, and as individuals, Saturn values and believes in:
  • Integrity, honesty and respect
  • Passion for customers, their excellence
  • Value creation and Innovation
  • Open environment, encouraging creative thinking with strong focus on practical implementation
  • Taking on challenges and seeing them through
  • Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence
  • Accountability to customers, partners and employees for commitments, results, quality.


Each time you are honest and conduct yourself with honesty, a success force will drive you toward greater success. Each time you lie, even with a little white lie, there are strong forces pushing you toward failure.
Saturn’s mission is to help every customer succeed the first time and every time by aligning and optimizing product, systems and software development lifecycles with business objectives. Also help Customer to dramatically improve quality and predictability, while significantly reducing time and costs, resulting better productivity and results

Saturn management will ensure to unleash the future, and to meet opportunities head on. The advancements and newer relationships with few of the most reputed clients globally had given us confidence to shop for more, Thus fostering a whole new habits and practices that help us to advancements.


Saturn is operating from it’s development centre at one of the largest and best managed IT park in India – Technopark, Trivandrum. The office at Leela Infopark, within the Technopark campus is equipped to be a smart working place for it’s team, and easily accessible to it’s clients and ensure to contain all infrastructural requirements.

The technology infra of Saturn is well designed and maintained to ensure fail safe round the clock access to it’s team. Saturn deployed it’s internal development platform in cloud, supported by high bandwidth leased lines. The office environment is open and friendly aiding team building and harmonial relationship between the team members


Saturn is competent enough to develop solutions for large and complex projects, to take up product development, to manage outsourcing contracts with multiple stakeholders from various geograhies. Saturn has it’s development framework in place which is robust, adapted to latest changes in development tools, with thousands of reusable libraries, with ready to use templates for development of most of projects.

Saturn is equally competent in all technology sets it focus on. Open source is it’s forte and has stronger credentials with open source technologies. It’s exposure and research in open source has given it’s much needed confidence to utilize the hidden facets of Open source for the better use of companies embracing it.


“Discovering Tomorrow’s solution today”, we stay ahead by focusing on developing capabilities for the future. To stay competitive, we are equipped to produce creative designs and breakthrough technologies making our solutions state of the art and entirely original.

Capability to deliver

Saturn’s solutions stems from a combination of innovative ideas, technical expertise and hands on project management skills to ensure that every assignment is fulfilled adhering to budget and time parameters, with ensured customer delight.

How we work

Saturn approach every project with our unique method of Product Lifecycle Management process to make sure that the project will have the quality of product in terms of its maturity and self existence. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a systematic approach to managing a product’s lifecycle from inception to disposal.

PLM serves as a product backbone by integrating human skills, data and business processes, e.g., stitching together the essential parts of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) to provide a solution for a company with their own Designing, Marketing and Production. PLM approach can be applied for any industry for their software development and services.

Clients will benefit from reduced development and maintenance costs by streamlining their processes and milestones, rationalising their responsibility structures by reusing standard effort components. This methodology will significantly decrease the process complexity, shortens learning curve and speeds up process implementation, while improving risk management and ensuring that compliance standards are kept.


We are open from Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm.
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